reroofing san marcos ca

Make Your San Marcos, CA Home Safer

Reroofing services will add a layer of protection

When you hear "reroofing," do you imagine roofers taking off damaged shingles and installing a brand-new roof? Contrary to popular belief, reroofing actually involves placing shingles on top of the existing roof.

The knowledgeable team at A & J Roofing recommends reroofing services to:

  • Make your roof stronger
  • Give your roof a face-lift
  • Avoid major issues

Do you need reroofing services in the San Marcos, CA area? Call now to get a free estimate on reroofing for your home or business.

Should you replace or repair your roof?

You know that your roof is in bad condition. But should you go with shingle repair services or just replace your roof?

You can count on the detail-oriented roofers at A & J Roofing to inspect the damaged area. After we evaluate the state of your roof, we'll recommend the best option.

Contact us today to speak with a shingle repair specialist in San Marcos, CA.